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We currently offer spinning of articles provided by you or composed by us. We offer spinning at the word/phrase, and sentence level (check out examples below). Rates are 2.5 cents per word for word/phrase level. For sentence level spin, the rates are 5 cents per word. These rates include writing an article with spin syntaxes set in place. They do not include generation of spun copies. If you would like the same, please get in touch with us with your requirements. There is a discount of 0.5 cents per word, if you supply the text matter.

Sample of Word/Phrase Level Spinning

The deodorant {helps to|helps you to} {kill the|get rid of the} {odor|stench} {causing|creating} germs {and thus|therefore} {removes|eliminates} the {stink|foul odor}. {According to|In accordance with} {medical research|scientific research}, primary hyperhidrosis {is also|can also be} {hereditary|genetic|inherited} {and can|and may} {occur|happen} {if a|in case a} close {member|fellow member} of {your family|your household} also {suffers from|is affected with} {this ailment|this illness}.

Sample of Sentence Level Spinning

{Spinning {at the|in the|on the} sentence {level|degree|stage} {provides a|offers a|provides for a} {higher quality|better quality} of {uniqueness|originality|individuality} {in|within} {each|each and every} {generated|created} {article|write-up|content}.|{When you get|Once you get} the {spun|content spun} {job|task} {done|carried out|accomplished} on a sentence {level|degree|stage}, {the quality of|the standard of} {output|result} {of each|of each and every} article {generated|produced|created} is {far|much|significantly} {superior|better}.|{The quality of|The standard of} {generated|produced|created} {articles|content articles} is {far|much|significantly|considerably} {superior|better|advanced} {when you|whenever you|once you} {opt for|choose|go for|select} {getting the|obtaining the|having the} {same|identical|similar} {spun|content spun|uniquely spun} {at the|on the} sentence {level|degree|stage}.} {This {is just|is simply|is merely} {a simple|a basic} {example|illustration} {hence|therefore|consequently} with the {real|actual} {work|job} being {far better|much better|significantly better}.|The {actual|precise|exact} {work|job} {will be|will undoubtedly be} {far better than|much better than} {this|this particular} {example|sample}.|{The quality of|The grade of|The standard of} the {actual|real|exact} {work|job} {will be|is going to be} {much better than|a lot better than|superior to} {what|precisely what} you {see|observe|view} {over here|right here}.}